A healthcare worker was awarded millions after being fired for a shocking reason

Radical left-wing ideas are spreading like the coronavirus.

No corner of society is safe from infection.

Now a healthcare worker was awarded millions after being fired for a shocking reason.

Conservatives have been sounding the alarm about unhinged leftists on college campuses.

Many people balked at the warnings and said those students would change when they got into the “real world.”

But the radical campus ideas have spread to the real world, and they’re wreaking havoc.

The Left’s obsession with diversity, inclusivity, and equity – aptly acronymed as DIE – is tearing apart society.

They’re using the DIE religion to remake society into their socialist utopia, and it’s failing miserably.

As a result, a healthcare executive just won a huge settlement because he was fired for being white.

Modern Healthcare reports:

“A former top executive in a North Carolina-based healthcare system who claimed in a lawsuit that he lost his job because he is a white male was awarded $10 million by a federal jury on Tuesday. In his 2019 lawsuit, David Duvall said he lost his job as senior vice president of marketing and communication at Novant Health due to efforts to diversify top leadership positions . . .”

The cult of DIE is an outgrowth of neo-Marxism, which substitutes the old Marxist struggle of class with group identity.

Instead of the owner class versus the worker class, it’s man versus woman or straight versus gay, and on and on.

It’s a dead-end philosophy that has been adopted by a frightening number of companies and institutions.

Modern Healthcare continued:

“The jury said Novant Health failed to prove that it would have dismissed Duvall regardless of his race . . . Duvall said in his lawsuit that he was fired in 2018 without warning or explanation shortly before his fifth anniversary with the company. He said he was replaced by two women, one Black and one white.”

More people need to take Duvall’s path and sue these companies that want to bend the knee to the DIE religion.

This madness has to stop, but it won’t until the financial incentives change.

There are ideologues within these companies and organizations, but there are many more people who are going along to get along.

The people that are unwilling to get out front and protest radical leftism need to be given a reason to push back.

Hitting them in the wallet is a good start.

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