A Fox News host was forced to issue this shocking denial about Tucker Carlson

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The fallout from Tucker Carlson’s stunning departure from Fox News is getting nasty.

The network still has an ax to grind against its former top-rated host.

And a Fox News host was forced to issue this shocking denial about Tucker Carlson.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson scored a major coup when he had former President Donald Trump on his social media-based show for a sit-down interview.

That episode of Tucker on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, was released minutes before the first Republican Presidential Primary debate on Fox News, which Trump declined to attend.

The interview became the most successful episode of Carlson’s new show and upstaged the Primary debate.

Carlson went head-to-head with his former employer by hosting the leading GOP candidate while the rest of the field duked it out on Fox.

Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore said that a source inside Fox News told him that the network banned any of its talent from mentioning the Trump interview.

“So, a source inside Fox — I’m telling you this for the first time — just told me, he still works there, that they are totally banned from even — all shows are banned from even acknowledging Trump will even appear on this show, whatever happens on this show If Trump breaks news, they can’t mention it,” Moore told conservative YouTuber personality, Benny Johnson. “There has been a policy since Tucker was taken off the air that we can’t say his name on air. And, explicitly, everyone at Fox is told they cannot mention this or what happens on it.”

A newsworthy 46-minute interview with the leading Republican candidate could be ignored by Fox News because Carlson hosted it.

Moore previously claimed that all on-air talent is banned from mentioning the word “Tucker.”

Fox News commentator Brit Hume responded to the explosive claim on social media by claiming it wasn’t true.

“Funny, I have heard nothing of the sort,” Hume wrote.

The topic of the Carlson-Trump interview came up briefly during Fox’s pre-debate coverage when Hume mentioned it.

“I guess [Trump] did this pre-taped interview with Tucker Carlson for presentation on Twitter,” Hume said. “I’m interested to see how that goes and whether there’s any real news made out of that.”

Hume used that to segue into criticizing Trump for not attending the debate.

“My thought is that it’s risky to skip a debate,” he continued. “We saw what happened to Ronald Reagan when he skipped the Iowa debate in 1980. He lost the state and propelled George H.W. Bush to the into the lead, at least for a time.”

He mentioned that Bush’s win in Iowa in 1980 allowed him to stay in the race and helped him become Reagan’s Vice President.

The total blackout of Carlson wasn’t in effect but most of the network’s coverage after the debate ignored the Trump interview.

Tensions are still high between Tucker Carlson’s camp and Fox News months after their relationship collapsed.

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