A Fox News host defended Hunter Biden for this strange reason

    Hunter Biden dominated the headlines once again.

    It looks like criminal charges are imminent.

    But now one Fox News host defended Hunter Biden for this strange reason.

    A bombshell Washington Post report revealed FBI agents believe they put together a criminal case against Hunter Biden for lying on a federal firearms background check form in 2018 by falsely claiming he was not addicted to drugs or alcohol when his own book says he smoked crack daily during this time period.

    The FBI agents also told the Post that they built a tax evasion case against Biden for not reporting all of his income from his overseas business dealings.

    But Fox News Special Report host Brett Baier threw cold water on the story in an appearance on Martha MacCallum’s daytime newscast.

    MacCallum pointed out that Democrats were likely to dismiss the possibility of criminal charges against Hunter Biden as a nothing burger.

    “So, Bret, you know, obviously all of this is going to lead to a lot of folks on the other side of the aisle saying these are nothings, right? These charges are nothings and they’re trying to move this ball away?” MacCallum asked Baier.

    Baier readily agreed with the Democrats’ characterization of the charges against Hunter Biden.

    “And looking at this article, it is fair to come to that conclusion if this is all there is,” Baier added.

    Baier claimed that since the Department of Justice and FBI did not charge Hunter Biden with influence peddling or involve Joe Biden in the investigation, Democrats could easily move on any Hunter Biden indictment.

    “That’s why I’m saying the foreign government connection, which is really the big tie potentially to President Biden and how that would possibly impact his interactions with China, his interactions with other countries. That’s not in this article,” Baier continued.

    “And that was the speculation going into something with Hunter Biden that that would clear the deck with other things and then move on,” Baier explained.

    Baier did say it was odd that the FBI completely ignored the evidence brought forth by Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski about Joe Biden’s knowledge of these business deals as well as the Communist Chinese owning compromising information on the President.

    “Tony Bobulinski is a very credible witness because he has stuff that goes back to that time and no one talks to him from that time on. It’s just crickets chirping. And that’s an amazing thing. If you think about a Justice Department investigation of any kind,” Baier exclaimed.

    But it appears even the criminal charges could be one final Biden family cover up, as the evidence against Hunter Biden was so overwhelming that the prosecutors had to bring a case forward.

    However, they made sure the case would be carefully crafted to avoid implicating Joe Biden.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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