A former Trump insider just made an insane prediction about Liz Cheney in 2024

    The entire establishment is out to get Donald Trump.

    Even some past associates of his are eager to put the knife in his back.

    And a former Trump insider just made an insane prediction about Liz Cheney in 2024.

    Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has completely become a tool of the Democrat Party.

    Ever since the FBI shockingly raided his law office – a move that legal expert Alan Dershowitz believed was unConstitutional – Cohen has said just about everything the Democrats have wanted him to say.

    Despite the screws being put to him, he would not confirm the Russian collusion nonsense.

    But Cohen will say anything not to go back to prison.

    Cohen recently spoke with Democrat operative Zerlina Maxwell and he made some absurd predictions about the 2024 election.

    Cohen said, “I do not believe Trump is going to run. First of all, he knows that he can’t win the general election statistically, and his fragile ego will not allow him to be a two-time loser. I just want to be very clear on that . . . Second. I believe that if, in fact, that he runs, he is not just going to get the nomination by the Republican party, by the RNC. There are going to be plenty of people that are going to challenge him. And rightfully so.”

    Cohen is living under a rock if he doesn’t think Trump will run again, and polls show that he would defeat Biden in a hypothetical rematch.

    He continued, “He does not want to go up against, like, for example, Liz Cheney, she already stated, ‘If he’s running, I’m running too.’ Uh, and then there’s so many others that you want to — Ron DeSantis, he’s already lost in a poll to Ron DeSantis, who I think is possible — equally or even greater of a threat to this democracy than even Donald. First of all, he’s smarter than Donald, and I think he’s more sinister.”

    Cohen is jamming together multiple Democrat talking points into an incoherent mishmash.

    First, it’s laughable to think that Trump is afraid of Cheney when she couldn’t even win a primary in her own state.

    Cheney would be DOA in a Republican Presidential primary.

    Cohen is also attempting to bruise Trump’s ego by saying DeSantis is smarter and more popular.

    But he’s also pushing the narrative that DeSantis is worse than Trump, which is what Democrats do every time the next popular Republican comes along.

    The next Republican is always worse than the last Republican.

    Considering the entire media establishment spent the past six years telling everyone that Trump was an existential threat to the planet, it’s going to be a jarring pivot to frame DeSantis as the new final boss.

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