A former top Trump official warned Merrick Garland’s actions have America on the brink of disaster

Joe Biden’s administration has been horrific for the country.

But his policy failures are only half the story.

And a former top Trump official warned Merrick Garland’s actions have America on the brink of disaster.

America is speeding toward banana republic territory.

Democrats, the so-called “defenders of democracy,” are destroying democratic norms and undermining faith in American institutions at an alarming rate.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s unprecedented raid on Donald Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago was a prime example.

And John Ratcliffe, former Director of National Intelligence under Trump, explained how the Department of Justice has essentially been weaponized against Republicans.

During an appearance on Fox News, Ratcliffe explained, “Remember you had an FBI director in Jim Comey – you talk about disparity of treatment, wrote an exoneration memo two months before he interviewed Hillary Clinton, knowing that Hillary Clinton had dozens of classified, sensitive compartmented information in her possession before other witnesses were interviewed, and wrote a memo clearing her . . . That very same FBI director Jim Comey, on his book tour, admitted I did things to Donald Trump that I never did on Barack Obama or would have tried. So, think about that, an FBI director who is admitting I applied the law unevenly, I applied my authority unevenly because it was Donald Trump and Republicans.”

Ratcliffe is completely correct.

The Comey admission Ratcliffe mentioned was when the disgraced former FBI director bragged about sending over agents to the White House to essentially ensnare General Michael Flynn in a perjury trap.

Flynn was railroaded for process crimes that the FBI admitted were essentially bogus.

Ratcliffe added, “And to that point, that FBI director, having cleared Clinton before he ever talked to her, opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s afternoon, after he learned that the Russia collusion allegations were actually created by Hillary Clinton and then went so far as to lie on the FISA court and verify a dossier he knew to be fake to continue spying on the Trump campaign . . . So the American people, unfortunately, see that when it comes to Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, that the past six years we have an FBI and Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.”

Ratcliffe is again correct.

In 2020, Ratcliffe was forced to set the record straight when Congressman Adam Schiff lied on television and said that he had seen intelligence information that proved Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was Russian disinformation.

As DNI, Ratcliffe had access to all the intelligence briefings, and he called out Schiff’s lies.

It turns out that the laptop was real, and the intelligence community and the Deep State lied yet again in service of the Democrats.

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