A former top Trump official gave Greg Abbott some advice that left Joe Biden fuming

Joe Biden has been an absolute catastrophe for the country.

Now red states are trying to clean up his mess.

And a former top Trump official gave Greg Abbott some advice that left Joe Biden fuming.

With the border crisis spiraling out of control, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took the unprecedented step of declaring an invasion at the border.

Abbott cited the U.S. and Texas Constitutions to declare an invasion from the illegal aliens pouring across the border.

Declaring an invasion gives the Texas Governor the power to prevent and remove the illegals that are violating the state’s sovereignty.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is now authorized to arrest and return illegals to the border while the Texas National Guard is authorized to “repel” illegals at the border.

Former acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan wants Abbott to take the invasion declaration one step further.

Morgan, who served in the Trump administration, says that Abbott needs to let Texas authorities deport illegals back to Mexico.

Currently, only federal authorities have the power to enforce federal immigration law and to deport illegals.

Declaring an invasion “now opens up the state’s authorities and tools,” Morgan said.

Conservative legal scholars have argued that declaring an invasion gives states the ability to deport illegals as part of their state defense powers granted by the Constitution.

“He’s not going to be enforcing federal immigration law,” Morgan explained. “What he’s going to be doing is using the Constitution to protect his state.”

Abbott has led the strongest state led border security during the border crisis created by President Joe Biden.

He’s begun building a border wall along with deploying the Texas National Guard and law enforcement to the border. 

“He’s done a lot and, again, more than any other governor,” Morgan said. “But what we haven’t seen yet is for him to avail himself of the one thing under this invasion clause, which is significant — and that’s to detain illegal aliens and remove them directly by Texas back to Mexico. That’s what needs to be done to really address this crisis, and we haven’t seen the governor quite do that.”

Conservatives and local officials in Texas have been pressuring Abbott to deport illegals but thus far he’s resisted.

Morgan said that there’s a growing consensus that Texas authorities deporting illegals could be done “immediately.”

“It’s long overdue,” Morgan continued. “There are some legitimate issues with that. There are concerns that there could be personal liability attached to those that are Texas [Department of Public Safety] or National Guard in the act of moving them.”

Texas officials deporting illegals could face lawsuits from the Biden regime for enforcing federal immigration law.

“But there are many legal scholars that say that risk is not there, and that this is exactly what needs to be done,” Morgan said. “I know the governor’s office is reviewing that . . . but at the end of the day that this is what needs to be done.”

Greg Abbott could make a game changing move if he signs off on letting Texas authorities deport illegals. 

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