A former Obama official just called for this shocking new policy that would infringe on the rights of every American

The radical Left has been using coronavirus as an excuse to enforce increasingly totalitarian policies for over a year.

From nationwide lockdowns to mask mandates, the liberal establishment has been restricting Americans from living a normal life.

And now a former Obama official just called for this shocking new policy that would infringe on the rights of every American.

If you thought the hysteria surrounding COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates were over, think again.

If anything, COVID restrictions may only get worse.

With the corporate-controlled media and their liberal allies at the CDC reintroducing mask mandates due to the delta variant, local and state governments across the country are already beginning to crack down on the unvaccinated.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is forcing New Yorkers to show proof of vaccination to enter gyms, restaurants, and concert halls.

This restriction comes after many large cities like Los Angeles enacted mask mandates for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

And now, the Left wants to restrict Americans’ movements as well.

Juliette Kayyem, former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security under Barack Obama, recently wrote an op-ed in The Atlantic where she called for the federal government to create a “no-fly list” for unvaccinated Americans, restricting their ability to move around the country freely.

Kayyem hopes the list will “divide passengers into categories according to how much of a threat the government thinks they pose.”

Kayyem continues:

“Flying is not a right, and the case for restricting it to vaccinated people is straightforward: The federal government is the sole entity that can regulate the terms and conditions of airline safety. And although air-filtration systems and mask requirements make transmission of the coronavirus unlikely during any given passenger flight, infected people can spread it when they leave the airport and take off their mask. The whole point of international-travel bans is to curb infections in the destination country; to protect itself, the United States still has many such restrictions in place. Beyond limiting the virus’s flow from hot spots to the rest of the country, allowing only vaccinated people on domestic flights will change minds, too.”

Beyond the fact that this proposed rule sounds like it came straight out of the Soviet Union, what’s more shocking is how comfortable the Left is with infringing on millions of Americans’ freedom of movement.

They don’t even try to hide their authoritarian ideas anymore, because they know corporate media outlets like The Atlantic will publish them without a second thought.

Kayyem concludes by stating “amid a public health crisis, people who defy public-health guidance are not, and do not deserve to be, a protected class.”

What Kayyem and the Left fail to understand is that unvaccinated Americans aren’t asking to be a “protected class,” they simply want the government completely out of their personal health decisions.

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