A federal prosecutor broke some brutal news about Joe Biden

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Joe Biden is running what many Americans believe to be the most corrupt and lawless administration of all time.

The cover-ups of the myriad of Biden scandals are falling apart.

And now a federal prosecutor broke some brutal news about Joe Biden.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said on Fox News that Republicans would be well within their rights to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Republican investigations into Joe Biden continue to yield significant evidence that Joe Biden was neck deep in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

Business associates of Hunter Biden testified that the Vice President Joe Biden got on speaker phone 20 times during business meetings as part of Hunter Biden’s goal of “selling the brand.”

Then Vice President Biden also attended business dinners with some of the oligarchs who paid the Biden family and their associates $20 million.

Republicans also found that as Vice President, Joe Biden used fake names to hide the fact that he was copying Hunter Biden on emails about government business in Ukraine when Hunter Biden served on the board of directors at Burisma.

The Biden Department of Justice also repeatedly interfered in the Hunter Biden investigation to prevent Joe Biden’s son from facing serious criminal charges.

And finally, the GOP found out the FBI was hiding the fact that it possessed a form FD-1023 outlining allegations from a credible confidential human source that the founder of Burisma paid Joe Biden a $5 million bribe so the Vice President could pull strings to force the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating the company for corruption.

In all of these scandals the Biden administration is fighting tooth and nail to prevent GOP Congressional investigators from exercising their Constitutional right to conduct oversight.

Andrew McCarthy argued that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy – no relation to Andrew – is justified in opening an impeachment inquiry to “stand on the principle that the executive branch can’t withhold this information from Congress. And that ought to be something that every Republican can agree with, even if they don’t want to go down the impeachment road, which is a long way from now.”

Fox News host Dana Perino asked McCarthy what a timeline for an impeachment inquiry looked like and McCarthy laid out a rapidly unfolding sequence of events that would begin this fall when Congress returns from summer recess, explaining that Republicans would likely ramp up their impeachment inquiry to coincide with the Democrats waging lawfare against Donald Trump.

“When you mentioned before that the next debate was coming up in a month, I was thinking the week after the next debate, Trump’s first big civil trial starts in New York. And he could be on trial himself pretty much from October through next summer, depending on how these cases cut. We keep talking about the four criminal cases. There’s also three civil trials coming up between October and the end of, probably the end of March,” McCarthy stated.

“So I think there will be a lot of pressure, especially from Trump supporters in the House, that if the Biden investigation is going anywhere, it ought to be a parallel investigation to what’s going on with Trump. I think there’ll be a lot of pressure to say, you know, if Democrats are going to put Trump through these paces, that the Biden investigation’s gonna be ratcheted up. I think that’s just the way our politics works,” McCarthy concluded.

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