A federal judge just destroyed American energy independence with this one devastating ruling

There’s a growing urgency around the world for energy independence and dominance.

First world nations are searching for ways to become energy independent as foreign relations rapidly deteriorate with the Middle East and China.

But now a federal judge just destroyed American energy independence with this one devastating ruling.

Just forty years ago, the vast majority of Americans were totally onboard with the idea of America seeking its own sources of scarce energy resources like oil and other fossil fuels.

But the modern so-called “progressive” Left has waged a war against American energy independence all behind the guise of concern for “climate change” and the environment – even though modern extraction technology leaves almost no footprint on the local environment at all.

The Left has – with some success – beat Americans into submission to fall in line with their “green” agenda.

The latest American to conform to the radical Left’s wishes is none other than Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason who has thrown out federal approval of an oil project in Alaska.

The kicker is that it was disapproved because the project didn’t account for the effects it would have on polar bears.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A federal judge on Wednesday threw out federal approval of a multibillion-dollar oil project planned for Alaska, saying the government failed to properly assess the project’s impact on climate change and its potential harm to polar bears.

The governor, Mr. Dunleavy, accused the courts of intentionally making challenges to Alaskan drilling even bigger. He said Wednesday’s ruling could make the country more dependent on foreign oil.

“Make no mistake, today’s ruling from a federal judge trying to shelve a major oil project on American soil does one thing: outsources,” Mr. Dunleavy said in a statement. “This is a horrible decision.”

Everyone knows how rare it is for there to be bipartisan agreement on anything in this nation.

So the fact that both the Biden and Trump administrations agreed to approve the Alaskan oil drilling project just shows how there’s basically no downside to the project.

But leave it to radical so-called “progressive” judges to ruin everything for everyone.

Simply put, they don’t want anyone to have access to any energy resources outside of their approved “renewable” sources like solar and wind, which are horribly inefficient.

More than that, their green policies are just backdoor methods for Orwellian enforcement of socialism on all Americans.

Then they disapprove of an obvious win-win for the federal government (which doesn’t happen often) because they want some more research on some polar bears.

All of this comes after President Joe Biden shutdown the Keystone XL pipeline project costing Americans jobs and an economic boost.

On top of that, Biden has had to go crawling to The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to ask them to drill for more oil to stabilize gas prices – a request they obviously denied, since they stand to benefit from the increased costs.

Meanwhile, U.S. federal judges are blocking major projects that would be game-changers for the American economy and our energy outlook.

So Obama continues to hurt us even when he’s not in office and Biden has no idea what he’s doing to solve the problems facing our country.

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