A disturbing comment from one Democrat candidate’s past just resurfaced that could cost Chuck Schumer his job

Chuck Schumer is defending a razor-thin majority in the Senate.

This leaves him little to no room for error this fall.

But one disturbing comment from this Democrat candidate’s past just resurfaced that could cost Chuck Schumer his job.

Starting with the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020, Democrats and the radical Left launched an all-out war on law enforcement in America.

“Defund the police” became the most popular slogan within the Democrat Party, with some on the Left trying to shut down entire police departments in cities across the country.

At the same time Democrats waged war on police, pro-Black Lives Matter Mayors and George Soros-backed prosecutors began ignoring the rule of law and instead implementing their own soft-on-crime policies, such as eliminating cash bail and releasing criminals back onto the streets.

As a result, crime is skyrocketing in Democrat-controlled cities across America.

Pennsylvania’s Senate race, where Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is squaring off against Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, holds the key to Chuck Schumer’s future as Majority Leader.

Crime is a major issue of concern for Pennsylvania voters this fall.

And the Philadelphia Inquirer just reported that “nearly eight people on average were shot every day” in Democrat-run Philadelphia between Memorial Day and Labor Day of this year.

That’s why Chuck Schumer is worried sick about a video that just surfaced from last year showing Fetterman demanding the release of 1,200 prisoners convicted of second-degree murder in Pennsylvania.

“I hope that it could lead to a conversation that would free close to 1,200 people of a legacy that never made sense, that encompasses victims’ input, encompasses their conduct and behavior in prison, it takes a look at the resources that are wasted . . .” Fetterman said on the video from March of 2021.

This is part of a recent string of information coming about the dangers of Fetterman’s pro-crime record.

Last year, Fetterman voted to release Wayne Covington from prison after he pleaded guilty to killing a man for money so that he could buy heroin.

The Washington Free Beacon also reported that Fetterman also voted to free a murderer who killed someone with garden shears and hired a hitman to kill his accomplice.

Not only that, but Fetterman even has murderers he paroled working for his campaign.

Democrats are scrambling to walk back and spin Fetterman’s record to gaslight the public into thinking he is somehow tough on crime.

But the American people are smarter than the Democrats think they are.

And Fetterman’s pro-crime record could cost Chuck Schumer his job this fall.

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