A Democrat Senator disappeared and everyone is asking this one question

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Democrats are worried this scandal will spill out of control.

It may already be too late.

And a Democrat Senator disappeared and everyone is asking this one question.

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s health has been shrouded in mystery since he suffered a stroke that nearly killed him back in May.

Fetterman won’t release medical records or make his doctors available to ask questions.

Fetterman hid from voters for three months after claiming he would only be off the campaign trail for a short time.

When Fetterman re-emerged it was obvious he suffered from severe cognitive impairment as Fetterman struggled to speak and could not carry on a conversation without the use of special computers and transcription software.

Barely one month after taking office Fetterman entered the hospital for multiple days after suffering headaches during the State of the Union.

And two weeks after that Fetterman is in the hospital once again for clinical depression with The New York Times reporting that Fetterman is struggling with the fact that he will live the rest of his life as a diminished version of himself.

Fox News host Jesse Watters discussed this sad situation noting that Fetterman’s stroke was far more serious than he or his campaign initially let on and that he needed more time away from the campaign to recover.

“So, Fetterman didn’t follow the doctor’s orders,” Watters began. “He followed the Democrats’ orders instead. Now look at him. And now he’s permanently damaged and the people of Pennsylvania are down a Senator.”

Watters explained that Democrats didn’t care at all about Fetterman’s health and that they forced him to remain in the race to win the Senate seat.

“He was just a way of getting them what they wanted: power,” Watters added. “And now that he’s been institutionalized and in bed all day surrounded by doctors, they’re hanging him out to dry.”

Watters declared this one of the worst scandals of all time as Democrats permanently crippled Fetterman in pursuit of power.

“They don’t care about the people of Pennsylvania where Fetterman is supposed to be representing,” Watters continued. They care about keeping a lid on this scandal. And that’s what this is. This is a giant scandal. The Democrats basically crippled this man for power. They cheated him out of his recovery, missed every sign that he was struggling, ignored every sign, lied about it. The man could be suicidal for all we know. He’s been institutionalized.”

Watters noted that there are no pictures or videos of Fetterman.

Democrats, Fetterman’s wife Giselle, and the press have lied at every step about Fetterman’s health leaving some voters to wonder if Fetterman is even still alive.

“Pennsylvania voters are wondering if he’s still alive,” Watters concluded. “There’s been no video of him. His office doesn’t even talk about anything that’s going on in Pennsylvania. And we’re supposed to wait, and wait, and wait until they lie to us again.”

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