A Democrat Mayor made one pledge that completely blew up in his face

The Democrats have fully embraced their radical identity.

No idea is too insane.

And a Democrat Mayor made a pledge that completely blew up in his face.

Democrats are so radical, being openly socialist is not at all a disqualifier.

Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the radical Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, identifies as a socialist and he easily won election.

Lumumba promised to make the state capital “the most radical city on the planet,” and like all far-left revolutionary goals, his plan has been a disaster.

The city is fraught with infrastructure problems and now the city water is not safe to drink.

The Daily Caller reported that Lumumba “campaigned on plans to introduce universal basic income and alternatives to policing, to replace vacant lots with urban farms and to resolve chronic issues with the city’s water and roads in order to break the ‘cycles of humiliation’ he said black residents experience in Jackson, the most heavily black large city in the U.S. Instead, the city’s water problems have worsened, and Republican Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency Tuesday because running water is not reliably available nor safe for consumption.”

Governor Reeves wrote in a statement, “Providing an emergency briefing tonight at 7:00 PM, alongside our Department of Health and Emergency Management Agency, on today’s failure of our state capital’s water system and the resources that the state is mobilizing to respond.”

One of the hallmarks of socialist governance is mismanagement.

Revolutionaries come in with all sorts of ideas, but they don’t understand how anything works.

A recent example is Venezuela.

Thanks to socialism, Venezuela went from the richest country in South America to the poorest in under 20 years.

International leftists heaped praise on Venezuela when socialist President Hugo Chavez came to power, but now they pretend as if the oil-rich country does not exist.

The Daily Caller added that “the city-run O.B. Curtis Water Plant has been plagued with issues for years and has issued numerous boil water notices, but recent flooding impeded its ability to offer reliable running water to 180,000 Jackson residents. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will be distributing water from tanker trucks at various points throughout the city . . .”

In light of a separate Jackson water crisis back in 2021, Lumumba admitted in an interview, “I wouldn’t call us the most radical city to date.”

Republicans would beg to differ.

Jackson is getting radicalism, good and hard.

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