A Democrat-linked group tried to sabotage the Virginia Governor’s race with this not so slick dirty trick

Trying to take down your opponent in an election isn’t new or rare.

Politicians have been trying to take each other out for decades and have invented some pretty ingenious ways to do so.

But recently, a Democrat-linked group tried to sabotage the Virginia Governor’s race with this not so slick dirty trick.

All eyes are on Virginia and New Jersey right now as the only two states with off-year elections.

Many say what happens in these states could set the tone for the 2022 midterm elections.

Virginia has been especially tense over the last few weeks with former Democrat Governor, Terry McAuliffe, going head-to-head with Republican businessman, Glenn Youngkin.

In an attempt to drive a wedge between Youngkin and his Republican base, a political committee with ties to Democrat strategists reportedly posed as a conservative group and tried to spread some false information online.

Unfortunately – or, rather, fortunately for Youngkin – the group didn’t hide its tracks very well.

Over the last week, some voters in Virginia have been targeted with ads on social media platforms questioning Glenn Youngkin’s commitment to the Second Amendment.

The ads come from a group called Accountability Virginia PAC. The group’s website doesn’t disclose who’s behind the organization, but a little digging pulled up some suspicious information.

Accountability Virginia PAC’s online donation page is accessed through ActBlue, which is the main Democrat fundraising platform.

Public records indicate the PAC spent roughly $25,000 to run the ads.

It appears that most of the targeted users reside in largely rural, heavily Republican parts of western Virginia.

A number of recent polls have indicated Democrat Terry McAuliffe only has a slight lead over Youngkin leaving the Democrat Party concerned.

Again, political warfare is as old as time, but leave it to the Left to try manipulate voters instead of educating them.

It’s likely the tactics will only get worse the closer election day gets and the more Democrats fear losing their grip on states like Virginia.

Voters will need to be very discerning in the information they choose to listen to because these manipulative moves by the Left will only increase.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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