A couple who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show just got nailed for scamming the black community out of millions

As talks of reparations and putting critical race theory curriculum in classrooms get more heated, the racial divide feels like it’s growing.

However, as those things happen, organizations like Black Lives Matter seem to be imploding as allegations of mismanagement of donor funds surface.

And now, a couple who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show just got nailed for scamming the black community out of millions.

Marlon and Lashonda Moore, a “socially conscious” reality star couple highlighted on Oprah Winfrey’s network, are being sued for what amounts to a pyramid scheme.

The couple gained their fame after being featured on the OWN reality show Family or Fiancé.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the federal lawsuit earlier this week.

Lawsuits were also filed by the Federal Trade Commission and the state of Arkansas.

According to prosecutors, the Moore’s advertised their investment scheme as all-black, socially conscious, and faith-based.

It was known as B.I.N.T., which stands for Blessing In No Time, and it promised enormous returns on a small initial investment of $1,400 by each member.

“In general, these schemes falsely promise a big return — or as BINT termed it, being ‘blessed out’ — following a modest initial payment. In reality, however, very few consumers that do make money sometimes lose their profits by reinvesting in the scheme,” read the F.T.C. and Arkansas complaint.

One victim of the alleged scheme, Coretta Vanterpool, told The Washington Post that she personally lost about $13,000 to the couple and that in total her family lost upwards of $30,000.

Vanterpool said the Moore’s made it “sound so real, so nice.”

Other victims of the scam say they were told it would build black wealth.

“They were talking about building a black community and building generational wealth. Those are the catchphrases now. They were just kind of selling people a dream,” said another victim of the scam.

In a time where racial tension is higher than it has been in decades, to see a black couple prey on people in their own community is despicable.

Many hard working Americans are suffering from job loss and financial hardship as a result of the tyrannical COVID lockdowns, so to try and hurt people even more for your own benefit is pure evil.

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