A concerned mom showed up to her local school board meeting and exposed Democrats with one brilliant move

    The radical Left went too far.

    They poked, prodded, and pushed until they finally stirred parents to get active.

    Now a concerned mom showed up to her local school board meeting and exposed Democrats with one brilliant move.

    Democrats have allowed the radicals to seize control of their party.

    That’s how insane ideas like Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) have been mainstreamed.

    As is always the case with the Left, when given an inch, they take a mile.

    DQSH has quickly morphed into full-on drag performances at schools, which is a far cry from the so-called “tolerance” that the left-wing activists claimed they were preaching.

    And one mother in Iowa showed up to her local school board meeting wearing the same get-up as a drag performer at the local high school in order to prove a point about how inappropriate the drag show was.

    The Des Moines Register reported that “activist Kimberly Reicks appeared before the Ankeny School Board in an outfit like the one that a performer in the show wore. During public comments at Monday night’s meeting, Reicks — who founded Iowa Mama Bears […] — asked the board for an apology and resolution ‘to make sure that this doesn’t happen again on school grounds.’”

    Reicks said to the school board, “Is this outfit appropriate for anybody here to see? […] Because if this makes your head turn, if this pisses you off, then it should. Because this guy walked into our school wearing exactly the same thing . . . I’m embarrassed to stand here with the outfit I have today. I want to prove that this outfit should not ever be accepted in our school any way.”

    Reicks also pointed out that the drag performer was a “Satanic worshiper,” and showed a picture of him in grotesque images.

    Reicks added, “Where’s the transparency in this? […] How are we going to entrust you — the board members — to do what is right for us parents and make sure that the kids know what is right?”

    The fact that drag shows are happening at government schools is absurd on its face.

    This is what Democrats have allowed to fester across the country.

    Parents need to continue showing up to their school boards to ensure this madness does not spread any further.

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