A CNN host’s anti-Sean Hannity rant backfired in a hilarious way

The Left has tried to take down Sean Hannity for decades. 

He is one of the few in the media who challenges their agenda.

But a CNN host’s anti-Sean Hannity rant backfired in a hilarious way.

Sean Hannity is one of the biggest names in television news today.

He has the second most viewed show on Fox News, only being topped by Tucker Carlson’s show. 

And he has consistently been neck-and-neck in average viewership with the Left’s top news host, Rachel Maddow. 

One network that doesn’t come close to Sean Hannity in viewership ever is CNN. 

While Hannity currently has an average viewership of around 3 million, none of CNN’s programming has been able to average even one million viewers over the past month. 

So the fake news peddlers at CNN have good reason to hate Sean Hannity.

And CNN’s resident hall monitor Brian Stelter let that hatred boil over in an unhinged rant during Sunday’s edition of his hilariously misnamed show, “Reliable Sources.” 

Stelter blasted Hanity’s show as “poisonous propaganda” full of “nasty little words.”

Stelter prefaced his rant, “To understand why so many Republicans have abandoned democracy, to see why so many believe the Big Lie, to get why so many are trying to rewrite voting rules, you have to hear the poisonous propaganda that the GOP’s activist base is listening to.” 

He then went on to name Hannity specifically: “You have to really hear it. It’s coming more from Sean Hannity than Trump right now. So, that’s what we did this week. We watched every episode of Sean Hannity’s show and we color-coded it as you can see. We focused on his language, the insults and phrases that he repeats every night. Nasty little words like these.”

Those “nastly little words” were then displayed in a clip from Hannity’s show, where the Fox News host said: “Socialist, stalker, weak, failure, shameless, psychotic, indoctrination, hellholes.”

The fake news CNN host went on to whine about Hannity’s statements being “fundamentally authoritarian.” 

“Here’s my point: don’t get numb to this abusive language, because it is through these insults, it is through these attacks that Hannity yields power,” Stelter said. “This dark, dire language is fundamentally authoritarian. It softens the ground for movements like ‘Stop the Steal,’ you know, Trump’s ploy to actually steal the election. It portrays anyone who disagrees as not legitimate, as not American.”

It is ironic that Stelter is angry at a few mean words from Hannity.

On a recent airing of his CNN show, he had an “expert” on who claimed that President Donald Trump was going to cause “many more million deaths” than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined. 

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