A CNN host heard the two words about Donald Trump that every Democrat dreads

    The corporate-controlled media and Democrats are out for blood.

    Leftists want to see President Trump defeated once and for all.

    And this CNN host heard the two words about Donald Trump that every Democrat dreads.

    The January 6 witch hunt committee continues to hold public show trial hearings with the sole goal of convincing Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict Donald Trump.

    On CNN, Don Lemon advanced the deranged conspiracy theory that Donald Trump purposely instigated the events of January 6 to create the conditions to remain in power knowing he lost the 2020 election.

    “Is it clear to you that Trump was also willing to accept violence to stay in power?” Lemon asked his panel.

    “Heck no,” analyst Phillip Mudd responded.

    Mudd argued that the Justice Department indicting Trump would be a major mistake.

    “There’s two questions here,” Mudd added. “There’s a question of whether I think the President did the right thing. No. There’s a question of what I think the Department of Justice will do.”

    Mudd explained that if a jury acquitted Trump, it would confirm that Joe Biden is running a banana republic where the government weaponizes the justice system to attack its political opponents.

    “If you don’t win that case at the back end, you’re perceived to be someone who is pursuing Donald Trump because you have partisan, political interest,” Mudd continued.

    Mudd said a conspiracy charge was impossible to prove because Donald Trump legitimately believes he won the 2020 election.

    “The President’s going to say my advisers told me I won,” Mudd explained. “I thought I won, that wasn’t a conspiracy.”

    Lemon argued that the January 6 Committee showed Trump’s advisors told him he lost the election.

    Mudd dismissed that, noting that Trump’s lawyers would have no problem finding witnesses telling the former President that he won.

    “Don’t you think that the defense can find a witness who said the President thought he won? Come on, Don. The defense will find people who said the President believed he was right. How can this be a conspiracy if the President said he was trying to defend democracy?” Mudd exclaimed.

    After more back and forth, Mudd told Lemon the two words every media activist hates to hear about Donald Trump – “you lose.”

    “Come on, Don, let’s go,” Mudd concluded, “You lose.”

    The January 6 Committee wants to charge Donald Trump to stop him from running in 2024.

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