A Biden appointee wants to destroy the economy with one terrifying move

Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he would be a moderate.

He’s trying to ram through radical policy without a mandate.

Now a Biden appointee wants to destroy the economy with one terrifying move.

Treasury Department nominee Saule Omarova might be Joe Biden’s most radical administration pick yet.

Biden nominated an eco-terrorist for the Bureau of Land Management, and an attorney for the Civil Rights division of the DOJ who believes white people are inferior.

But Omarova takes the cake.

She’s a far-left radical who was educated in Moscow at the height of the Cold War, and she wants to nationalize the banks.

Now it was uncovered that Omarova wants fossil fuel companies to go out of business.

She said:

“Here what I’m thinking about is primarily the coal and oil and gas industry. A lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

This is further proof that the environmental movement is all about taking complete control of the economy.

The standard position within the Democrat Party is to phase out fossil fuels for green energy that is far less efficient and reliable.

But the Democrats don’t care if energy prices go up – they simply want dominion over the energy sector.

The most absurd part of the party’s environmentalist push is that the biggest producers of carbon emissions are developing countries like China and India.

They are not going to throw millions into penury just to satisfy the whims of “woke” leftists in America.

Biden is showing his true colors as a moderate avatar being run by the radical Left.

No moderate would ever nominate a rabid leftist like Omarova.

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