A Biden ally is in hot water after what she said about a BLM pro-cop killing radical

Black Lives Matter extremists have major allies in politics, all the way up to the White House.

Despite their terrifying extreme views, and use of violence, Democrats work overtime to back them.

And now a Biden ally is in hot water after what she said about a BLM pro-cop killing radical.

The 2020 election brought a wave of extreme far-left radicals to Congress.

Perhaps the most extreme of them is Rep. Cori Bush, who represents most of St. Louis, Missouri.

She rode the coattails of the Black Lives Matter movement all the way to Congress.

Bush has been a long time Black Lives Matter extremist in St. Louis, who got her start in politics during the 2014 riots in Ferguson, MO.

She later became a local leader of the group, even leading the protest that led to the trespassing on Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s home, which famously caused the couple to pull out their firearms to hold back the mob.

And now that she’s in Congress, she is continuing her support for the radical movement. 

On the House Floor, she praised a Black Lives Matter activist who reportedly called for the “death” of police officers.

She spoke about Palestinian-American Bassem Masri, who was involved in the riots in Ferguson following the justified police shooting of Michael Brown in order to compare the situation in Israel’s West Bank with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Bush described Masri as a “St. Louis Palestinian.”

Masri died in 2018, but Bush recalled the livestreams from Masri during his confrontations with Ferguson police in 2014.

Bush neglected to mention that Masri called for the death of police during those confrontations. 

“I’m praying for your death and your death and your death and your death,” he said during one confrontation. 

Masri also Tweeted out a slogan calling for the killing of police. 

“As a Palestinian, he was ready to resist, to rebel, to rise up with us as our St. Louis community mourned Mike Brown, Jr.’s state-sanctioned murder, and as we demanded an end to the militarized police occupation of our communities,” Bush said. 

“Palestinians know what state violence, militarized policing, and occupation of their communities look like,” she continued.

Rep. Bush is well known for her extremism, even once calling for defunding the Pentagon. 

These are the sort of radicals that Joe Biden has as allies in Congress.

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